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Total ID Solutions Saves Money and Solves Problems for Major Healthcare Facility with D24Secure NFC™

Photo of Mike Sloe, President/Owner of Total ID Solutions


With Mergers and Acquisitions at an all-time high in key vertical markets such as Healthcare, Pharma, Energy, Communications, and Financial Services, System Integrators are seeing an increased need for a seamless yet more secure solution for integrating multiple Physical Access Control Systems (PACS).

In many cases, the PACS being merged use antiquated, non-secure, and non-compatible technologies, which until now have required complete hardware and software replacement to merge systems, which can be expensive, time-consuming, and disruptive to the organization.

Also, in this age of cybercrime and system hacking, antiquated card technologies remain the weakest link in the security systems of major large institutions and corporations.

The Challenge

A major Ohio-based Healthcare provider is merging multiple facilities, consisting of 6 buildings which were originally controlled by two different PACS. They have a total of 25,000 cardholders, who need to move freely between all locations, using their ID cards for access to the buildings, the ER, labs, pharmacies, administrative and employee-only areas, and for access to crash carts, the time and attendance system, and automated surgical scrub distribution systems.

System 1 used Dorado Mag Stripe technology with a non-standard 26-bit format, with readers connected to obsolete Simplex ISC control panels. System 1 experienced frequent reader and card failures due to worn or damaged read heads. Mag stripe card life on this system averaged 8 months. Users were occasionally forced to prop doors open when the Mag stripe readers failed to operate. Cards on System 1 were limited to a 5-digit Card ID, so this system was literally running out of card numbers.

System 2 also used Dorado Mag Stripe technology, with a 37-bit format, and the readers were connected to state-of-the-art Software House iSTAR panels. Cards on System 2 used an 11-digit Card ID, which was incompatible with the control panels in System 1.

The merger was originally managed by issuing multiple mag stripe cards to each cardholder and connecting both systems to the existing Software House system software which allowed each cardholder to have multiple card numbers and formats. However, the cost of managing and issuing multiple credentials, the high card failure rate, Mag stripe reader maintenance costs, the lack of available new card numbers, and the constant disruption of system operation due to reader failures created an unacceptable situation.
The client wanted to migrate from Mag stripe technology to modern technology using a SINGLE CARD for access to all sites, and they also wanted to upgrade to a card technology with more security.
The System Integrator recommended scrapping all 250 obsolete panels in System 1, replacing them with the System 2 type panels, and upgrading all cards and readers to iCLASS®, at a total cost of more than $500,000 for hardware, cards, readers, installation labor and system configuration. As there was no budget for replacing the older panels, management did not move ahead with this plan.

Total ID Solutions Asked to Help

Total ID Solutions in Cleveland, Ohio has provided the Healthcare client with ID cards, badge printing software, printers and supplies for many years. Total ID also sells Access Control and Visitor Management systems, so they have a technical understanding of the client’s problem. The client has developed a high level of confidence and trust in Total ID Solutions, due to their expertise and excellent service, so they asked Total ID for their advice.

Total ID Solutions is a DigiOn24 Partner/Reseller, and has sold DigiOn24 Inline card encoding systems and cards to other clients for over a decade. Michael Sloe, the owner of Total ID Solutions, had met with DigiOn24 at ISC West, 2016 where he was very impressed by a preview of the new D24Secure NFC™ card and reader technology along with the ProxWriterIII™ inline encoding system. Michael knew that DigiOn24 had the products, the Engineering skills, and the Wiegand format expertise to help him find a solution for this Healthcare provider.

Michael also recognized the tremendous potential of the D24Secure NFC™ technology, not only due to the highly-enhanced security, but also with the added capabilities of NFC, Android Mobile Apps and other Applications.

Partnering with DigiOn24

To achieve the client’s requirement for a Single ID Card Solution, without replacing the control panels in System 1, DigiOn24 implemented D24Secure NFC™ technology with its unique and innovative new Multi-Format feature. All cards in the system were replaced with D24Secure NFC™ Multi-Format dual-technology contactless smart cards with Mag Stripe, and all readers are being replaced with D24 Secure NFC™ Multi-Format readers. The existing card programming was literally duplicated in the new cards. Each card was encoded with both Wiegand Formats (System 1 and System 2) with a secure custom password for each Facility. The readers were configured to output the proper Wiegand format to each type of control panel. The Mag Stripe was included on the card to allow the customer to gradually phase-in the reader upgrade.

The Results

The customer was able to continue using the existing control panels in each building, eliminating the more-than- ½-million dollar upgrade cost. Each cardholder uses only one badge. Each system continues to operate as it did previously without reconfiguring the panels or updating the card database – the card and reader upgrade has been a seamless (and painless) transition, resulting in a much improved system with new room for expansion. The high-maintenance cost, and the interruption of daily activities caused by failing Mag stripe readers and cards was eliminated. Card costs have been reduced by eliminating the requirement for multiple cards. D24Secure NFC™’s Composite card construction has increased the useful life of the card, eliminating the cost and inconvenience of constant card replacement, and allowing the use of direct-to-card printing and polyester patch lamination without warping.

System security took a quantum leap, with superior card-to-reader data protection including Triple-DES-Encrypted Mutual Authentication, AES-Encrypted Card Data, and Custom site-specific encrypted card and reader passwords which differentiate the customer’s card from any other 37-bit or 26-bit card in the world. The RF data is protected from skimming or cloning attacks. The ProxWriterIII™ System allows the customer to create and manage their own site-specific custom passwords, and to encode cards from blank stock on demand, allowing them to fully control their own security.

D24Secure NFC™ provides more benefits: the client can now securely add multiple applications to the card, such as stored value for cashless vending or cafeteria payment systems, or logical access. Additionally, data can be stored on the card for offline reading by an NFC-compatible Android Mobile Device. DigiOn24 offers custom Mobile APK development or developer support for Android NFC apps. D24Secure NFC™ technology encrypts and protects all data on the card.

Technology/Products Used:

D24Secure NFC™ Multi-Format Card Reader, Wallswitch Mount, Model D24-SEC-NFC-101
D24Secure NFC™ Multi-Format Card Reader, Mullion Mount, Model D24-SEC-NFC-001
D24Secure NFC™ Multi-Format Contactless Smart Card/Hico Magstripe Model D24-XTR-NFC-101
ProxWriter III™ Inline Card Encoding System

About Total ID Solutions

Total ID Solutions. Inc. is a leading provider of photo identification systems and equipment. Total ID was founded in 2000 by its current President, Michael G. Sloe. Total ID is a systems integrator who sells and services a variety of security products, like photo ID systems and direct-to-plastic card printers. They also sell and service access control and visitor management systems. Their customer base includes public and private schools and universities, hospitals, all sizes of corporations, law enforcement agencies, golf courses, amusement parks and any other facility that’s in need of a security solution. Total ID Solutions’ corporate offices are located in Cleveland, Ohio. Further information is available at