Mergers & Acquisitions Create Challenges for Access Control System Integrators - New Multi-Format Card and Reader Technology Can Help.

DigiOn24 Inc. is proud to introduce D24Secure NFC™ Multi-Format Cards and Readers, providing a clean, elegant solution for merging multiple access control systems with different Wiegand data formats and numbering schemes. Multi-Format technology provides incredible cost savings when compared with traditional approaches, such as using multiple credentials or replacing control panels and software.

According to Ernst and Young, 57% of major corporations are actively pursuing Mergers and Acquisitions in the next 12 months. Vertical markets affected include Technology, Oil & Gas, Pharma/Biotech, Healthcare, Telecom and Financial Services.

The difficult challenge for System Integrators is to unify cardholder populations across multiple facilities using different system manufacturers, different card technologies and different data formats. Since M&A’s are done to cut costs, expensive proposals for upgrading and replacing control panels, cabling and software may not be well received.

Since most M&A’s will require rebadging due to updated corporate logos and graphics, this presents the opportunity to do a complete card and reader replacement, with DigiOn24’s unique D24Secure NFC™ Multi-Format Technology, Each card can contain multiple card numbers and Wiegand data formats, and the D24Secure NFC™ Universal Replacement Readers can be set to output the appropriate data format for the connected access control panel. DigiOn24’s ProxWriter III™ System allows the System Integrator to encode the cards and configure the readers. The upgrade will have virtually no impact on the Access Control Systems.

Here’s how Multi-Format technology solves both the technical and cost challenges:

  • A Single ID Card Solution eliminates the cost of multiple cards per cardholder.
  • No changes are required to access control panels or system software saving substantial costs for parts, installation labor, reprogramming and retraining.
  • Plug and Play Wiegand output readers eliminate rewiring costs by re-using the existing Wiegand cables.
  • D24Secure NFC™ cards cost up to 30% less than proximity cards and they provide more value and security. D24Secure NFC™ cards can be encoded with virtually any Wiegand card data format.
  • D24Secure NFC™ Readers use the standard Wiegand card data format.
  • D24Secure NFC™ Readers use the standard Wiegand interface, making them Plug-and-Play for most systems including Bosch, Casi-Rusco®, Gallagher™, GE, Honeywell, HID®, Johnson Controls, Kronos®, Lenel OnGuard®, etc.

Additional benefits of changing to D24Secure NFC™ include superior encryption and security with 3DES Mutual Authentication and AES data Encryption, Custom Passwords, Mobile Applications using NFC Compatible Android Mobile Devices, and up to 30% lower card replacement costs. D24Secure NFC™ cards are ISO 14443A contactless smart cards, available in Composite ISO (with or without Magstripe) Key fob, and Adhesive Disc form factors. For more information on Multi-Format Technology, visit DigiOn24’s website: or contact them at (800) 891-0020.

DigiOn24 Launches D24Secure NFC™ Card and Reader Technology and ProxWriter III™ System

DigiOn24 Inc. is proud to introduce D24SecureNFC™ Credentials and Readers for Access Control and NFC Mobile Applications, and the ProxWriter III™ System (US Patent 6,688,519 B2).

D24Secure NFC™ technology was developed by DigiOn24 to allow the easy upgrade of existing outdated, non-secure Proximity cards and readers to a highly secure, forward-compatible technology at a significant cost savings, when compared with typical proximity cards and readers, without making any changes to the existing access control system.

D24Secure NFC™ Universal Replacement Readers are virtually Plug and Play with most Access Control systems, and are available in indoor Wall Switch or outdoor Mullion-mount versions.

D24Secure NFC™ Cards cost up to 30% less than typical prox cards, while offering superior encryption and security, including Mobile Applications, multiple card applications, and forward compatibility, D24Secure NFC™ cards are 13.56 Mhz contactless smart cards, meeting the ISO 14443A standard. These credentials are available in Composite ISO/Magstripe, Keyfob, and Adhesive Disc form factors.

DigiOn24’s ProxWriter III™ (PW3) System works with card ID printers and encodes D24Secure NFC™ cards on demand. System owners can keep their current Card ID numbers and Wiegand formats while adding AES encryption and unique card and reader passwords. DigiOn24’s partner resellers can perform encoding services for the end user, using the PW3 System. Larger end-user organizations may opt to purchase their own PW3 inline system, or the PW3 Lite Desktop encoder.

The free DigiOn24 Mobile Application allows cardholder data, such as medical, personal or security information to be read by an NFC Compatible Android Mobile Device for use by First Responders, security guards, or administrative personnel.

DigiOn24’s exclusive D24Secure NFC™ technology includes 3DES encrypted mutual authentication, AES Encrypted access control card data, and unique site-specific card and reader passwords. This enhanced security is fully managed by the PW3 system, cards, and readers, and is entirely transparent to the end users and to the access control system.

Data for additional applications can be securely stored on the D24Secure NFC™ card, including NFC compatible Mobile Applications, payment systems, ticketing solutions, loyalty programs, parking, phone, University Cards, library or equipment checkout, vending machine debit cards, and automatic transit fare collection.

Many security directors are concerned with the antiquated technology and lack of security of 26-bit proximity technology, as well as the inability to support mobile apps and multiple applications. Upgrading to D24Secure NFC™ addresses security and technology concerns while still preserving the existing Wiegand formats and facility codes, which allows the card and reader technology to be upgraded without affecting the existing access control system.

Aside from a technology upgrade, other reasons to replace Prox with D24Secure NFC™ include:

  • Stolen or compromised card data.
  • A need for multiple applications.
  • A major rebadging is required (new corporate logo, new school year).
  • Mergers and Acquisitions (combining multiple systems with a single card technology).
  • Obsoleted Cards and Readers
  • Skyrocketing replacement card prices

Bob Holland Joins DigiOn24 Inc.

DigiOn24 Inc. announced today that Bob Holland has joined the firm to further develop and launch their growing product line of inline encoders, access control readers and credentials. Bob comes with a wealth of experience within the Access Control Industry, having spent the last eight years at Secura Key where he was instrumental in developing their marketing and advertising campaigns, creating web content, writing product literature and documentation, and in developing new products, software features, and product integrations.

Joining at the launch of DigiOn24’s new ProxWriter III™ product lines, Bob can continue his success. Previously, Bob was a Senior Product Manager at HID Global, where he developed and launched the successful iCLASS® reader and credential product line, as well as the VertX Access Control Panel which was also the platform for the popular Edge Reader. Bob was also a Product Manager for Cardkey Systems, where he created the functional specifications for the Pegasys 1000 system, which later became the flagship access control product for Johnson Controls.

Bob comments, “I am excited to start a new challenge at DigiOn24, and look forward to working with the team to further develop their already extensive product line.” Loc Tran, DigiOn24’s CEO said “Bob’s wealth of experience and industry knowledge has already made him a key addition to the DigiOn24 family. We view his appointment as a sign of our commitment to being the leading company in our industry. It is very fortunate that we were able to find someone of Bob’s caliber to fulfill this role. I’m confident that Bob will play a key role in providing and implementing high quality solutions for our clients.”