ProxWriter III™

Encodes Wiegand formats into D24Secure NFC™ cards. Securely decodes proximity formats from existing Wiegand formatted cards. Loads custom keys/encryption into D24Secure NFC™ readers.

ProxWriter III
  • DigiOn24’s ProxWriter III™ Software encodes industry standard Wiegand format access control data into D24Secure NFC™ cards.
  • Includes batch mode, single card or card replacemnt programming capabilities.
  • Enables printing of card number, prefix or suffix information and optional logo.
  • Allows proximity card format decoding and reader configuration.
  • Program multiple fomrats and/or card numbers into each card to allow merging of multiple systems with dissimilar formats of ID numbering schemes.
  • Built-in database for easy management of custom card formats and multiple facilities.
  • Job-logging report (audit trail) for each individual Card ID number.