ProxWriter III™ Lite

Allows users to encode their own cards on site. Enables users to customize card and reader passwords. Used with desktop card encoder for single card issue or low volume card production.

ProxWriter III Lite
  • This basic software allows end users to manually encode their own D24Secure NFC™ cards on demand from blank stock when used with the optional D24Secure NFC™ desktop reader/writer.
  • It can program either 26-bit Wiegand format card data, or ONE custom format with a single fixed facility code.
  • DigiOn24 Partner/Resellers can offer PW3 Lite to end-user customers by creating and exporting a “token file” from their ProxWriter III™ software.
  • Users can program a single card, or the software can auto-increment Card ID numbers to program a series of cards.