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D24Secure NFC™ ISO Composite Cards.

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Concerned about Prox Security?

  • HID® H10301 26-bit Proximity Card Data has been duplicated thousands of times.
  • Anyone can purchase 26-bit Proximity cards online.
  • 26-bit Proximity Cards have minimal security and no passwords.
  • Proximity cards have limited memory and no mobile applications.

Replace Outdated Prox with D24Secure NFC™

  • D24Secure NFC™ passwords guarantee that your cards and readers are unique.
  • D24Secure NFC™ cards cannot be duplicated.
  • D24Secure NFC™ Mobile applications read stored data securely with Android mobile device.
  • D24Secure NFC™ offers High Quality, High Security and Great Value!

Lower Cost, Better Value

D24Secure NFC™ cards cost up to 30% less than proximity cards and provide more value.

Features include:

  • Modern smart card technology.
  • Glossy-white graphics-quality for direct printing.

High Quality Composite card construction:

  • Provides longer card service life.
  • Withstands rugged and high heat environments.
  • Ideal for Retransfer printing and Polyester patch lamination.

Easy Replacement

It is simple to replace your proximity cards and readers with D24Secure NFC™ technology.

  • Keep your Wiegand format and card data and make no changes to your current access control panels or software.
  • Replace your existing prox readers, by connecting the D24Secure NFC™ readers directly to the existing reader cables.
  • Test the readers and issue cards and you are ready to go.

Compatible with most Access Systems

  • D24Secure NFC™ cards can be encoded with virtually any Wiegand card data format.
  • D24Secure NFC™ Readers use the Standard Wiegand interface, making them Plug-and Play for most systems including Bosch, Casi-Rusco®, Gallagher™, GE, Honeywell, HID®, Johnson Controls, Kronos®, Lenel OnGuard®, etc.

Card Encoding

DigiOn24 Partner Resellers can encode cards and program passwords into D24Secure NFC™ readers. DigiOn24 also offers card encoding systems:

  • ProxWriter III is a complete D24Secure NFC™ Card Production System including software, reader programmer and an inline encoder that works with popular ID card printers. It is designed for high volume applications.
  • PW3 Lite allows users to manually encode their own D24Secure NFC™ cards and program passwords into the card readers. It includes Software, a D24Secure NFC™ Desktop Reader/Writer and a Reader Programmer. It is designed for low volume applications.

Mobile Applications

User-defined cardholder data, such as medical, personal, or security information can be easily encoded into D24Secure NFC™ Cards and read by an Android NFC enabled mobile device.

  • DigiOn24 offers a free Mobile Application for first responders, security staff or administrators.
  • DigiOn24 is developing more useful Android APK’s including a password management app.


Multi-Format Cards and Readers, provide a clean elegant solution for merging multiple access control systems with different Wiegand data formats and numbering schemes.

  • Multi-Format cards and readers are configured by using the ProxWriter III™ system.
  • Each card is encoded with multiple card numbers, Wiegand data formats and passwords.
  • The D24Secure NFC™ Readers can be set to output the appropriate data format for the connected access control panel.